Professional Summary

MFE LLC is an organization that is in the business of providing companies, cities and counties with representation on Tax Incentive/Government relations, Economic Development and Industrial Park issues so as to provide responsible economic development and growth in that area.

We, Steve Manchester and Kapryce Manchester are the President and Vice President respectively of MFE LLC. We have over 50 years of experience in the private sector sourcing property for privately held or publicly traded companies to build large industrial manufacturing and commercial projects and then managing the projects thus providing a smooth transition between the acquisitions of the lands to the finished products coming out of the door.

We Have Interfaced With All Types Of State, Federal And Local Agencies In A Multitude Of Areas Including, But Not Limited To The Following:

  • Site selection
  • Tax incentives
  • Environmental cleanup issues
  • Rail road infrastructure
  • DOT and access issues
  • Local utility providers
  • Economic Development Incentives
  • Local workforce issues
  • Workforce training grants

We have executed projects in multiple countries ranging from North America to Europe to China and everywhere in between. We have interacted with CEOs, Presidents, Board of Directors, Mayors, Judges, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, City Councils, and County Commissioners that were all involved in the process.

Each aspect of a project undertaken has experts who have expertise in their own fields and we provide oversight of all these groups reporting directly to the leader of the project for the company, city or county. We oversee all aspects of a project namely site selection, engineering, construction, finance, tax incentive and start up on behalf of the owner in an efficient manner.

We Also Conduct The Following:

  • Municipal elections in compliance with federal, state and local laws
  • City liaison with state and federal delegation
  • Special elections
  • Annexation of lands
  • Section 5 voting rights monitor
  • Analyze and apply city, state, federal laws and code
  • Ordinance, Resolution and Policy & Procedure drafting
  • Administer and Manage official municipal records
  • Research agendas, meeting packets and minutes of meetings

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